Mission & vision

Personalized bags with a vision
Producing personalized cotton, jute and juco bags in a sustainable way. That is what Prabhuecobags Company stands for.

In this way we can take responsibility for the produced quality on the one hand and the production method on the other, with a focus on people and the planet.

Our Mission :

Our roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

To provide Eco Friendly Bags
To inspire brand recall & retention
To create value and make a difference

Our Vision :

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Passion : Committed in heart and mind.
Quality : What we do, we do well.
Focus on the market.
Focus on needs of our clients.

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Openness & Respect

There is a healthy mix of Christians, Muslims and non-believers, among others. Good cooperation is made possible by a great mutual tolerance.

Ambitious People

The Indian population is a young, growing population with on the one hand many highly educated people and on the other hand people who are willing to follow courses in order to be able to work and to build themselves a future.


Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done on the infrastructure in India, there is major progress every year.

Say No to Plastic

In the present day, people have become more aware to save the environment. From individual to companies everyone seems to be doing their own bit to do so. If you want to take an environment-friendly step, then saying “No to Plastic” is the best thing you can do. Single-use plastic bags are well known for their negative effects in nature. From water body to air, sea or river – plastic bags are destroying each and every components of eco-system.

Facts About Plastic

>> Over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide.
>> Less than 1% of bags are recycled.
>> It costs more to recycle a plastic bag than to produce a new one.
>> Marine animals consume plastic bags for food. They eat them and end with giving up their life.
>> Over a million of marine animals die each year by consuming plastic bags.

Say Yes to Jute

Jute is often called “The golden fibre”. Being derived from a plant, jute is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment by any means. The production and the use of jute have little effect on the earth’s energy resources. In short, jute is Eco-friendly, durable & strong fibre. Being a useful shopping, packaging or fashion accessories jute bags have brain-stormed the world market.

Jute Facts

>> Earth-friendly natural fibre.
>> When you use 1 jute bag you can save 6 plastic bags in a week.
>> That is 24 plastic bags in a month.
>> That is 288 bags in a year.
>> That is 22,176 plastic bags in an average life.
>> If 1 out of 5 people does this we would save 1,330,560,000,000 bags over our lifetime.

Welcome to a Green Commitment

We believe that every individual carries a social responsibility to protect our planet – it’s a global challenge. We contribute to the society by selling our Eco-friendly products which can replace plastic bags with reusable jute bags & cotton bags. We welcome you to join us to search for a new idea to turn our earth into more greener as it is now the best time to do our own share in protecting our mother nature and her all wonderful creatures.

  • Our Ethics
  • We are working for Nature.
  • Business is our worship.
  • We are bound to serve our clients with our ultimate dedication.
  • We are working for our passion not only for money.
  • We make a profit to maintain our system and to grow our organisation, not for exploitation.
  • We pay everyone as per their expectations.

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